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 アフリカの民族楽器カリンバと、次々その場で声を録音し重ねてゆく ボイスループマシーンを用いたライブを行い、特異稀な直感力から、その時生まれる即興音楽をこよなく愛する歌い手。



海外でも、2010年 Paris, Firenze,でのLive パフォーマンスを始め、2013年JEJU国際舞踏フェスティバル,2015年 Korea Experimental Atr Festivalなど、確かな歌声とその存在感から、国内だけではなく、世界各地で活動している。Dance パフォーマンスを中心に、絵画など他分野とのコラボレーションも多い。

 映画『THE DAY』への楽曲提供、2014年水島ヒロ主演映画『黒執事』の劇中曲を担当、映画音楽へも活躍の場を広げている。

信条は [May all being be Happy.]






ENGLISH Profile.

 ◆Mocca (木歌)Profile.

Artist / Singer

Mocca is 「Tree sings」in Japanese character.

It means,Her Voice come from deep roots and spread many leaves.

It makes space for many creature.It makes a shady place and like an unbarra.

Mocca's performances come in many forms, from outdoor venues to classical concert halls. Her performances make us cherish the sound of "life". They are once-in-a-lifetime chance that can be experienced only in that place at that time.

She started her singing career in 2001 . She loves improvising music from a singular thought, one moment at a time.

She lives for the moments when the power of voice creates mysterious, comfortable unforgettable times. Her words and melodies are full of energy and dance is brought to life through her . She seeks pure representation of music's core by playing the small ethnic instruments the "Kalimba". Her solo career began with a focus on voice using a vocal loop machine . In 2010 she toured Europe with stops in Italy and France and a performance in Paris.

Mocca performed at the JAPAN CINEMA FESTIVAL, which was held at the world heritage site "Vicchio Palace" and was the as Resident En Taste . She had garnered praise for her singing talent both in her home country Japan and also abroad. The berth of her experience is wide and transcends borders.

In 2013 Mocca, participated as a performer in a Korea Jeju Dance FESTIVAL. In March, she appeared in and was the musical director, for a production named ~colors~ the first of a series on the theme of color. Mocca also contributed to the impressive documentary film "THE DAY" singing the end credit song. She also provided a song for the movie "Black Butler".

All Her wish is [May all being be happy]